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Pink and Wood Apartment by ZROBYM Architects 

| 17 : 30 – 13 March 2019 |

Pink And Wood Apartment, apartment design, apartment interiors, living room decor

Pink and Wood Apartment renovated by ZROBYM Architects is a 46 sq.mts of organic space with simple and concise design.

Aptly named due to use of pink color and wooden furniture, the apartment features an open space with multifunctional details. The internal walls were cleared off so as to give the overall space a dynamic entity. Clutter free design and minimalist furniture helps to realise each space differently yet connected to each other.

Pink And Wood Apartment, living room decor, interior design

A modern bench seat accommodates few books and decorative items along the window.

As one enters the apartment, there is a bathroom and a bench seat on either sides of the mini lounge space. Sliding screen doors conceal the shower room whereas beyond the only structural column in the space. Pink, white and grey decor awaits behind the semi-translucent sliding doors.

Pink And Wood Apartment, Apartment lounge, interior design

A seat an bathroom with sliding door on opposite sides of the column


Pink And Wood Apartment, Zrobym Architects, sliding doors, furniture design

A simple, functional seat besides a mirror across the entrance, sliding door conceal the bathroom

Beyond the column is a convertible pink sofa cum bed and a floor lamp overlooking the seat. The arrangement makes it a perfect space to catch up a movie on the white washed wall via projector. A coffee table and pair of odd color chairs by the sofa sets the tone for an ideal dining space.

Man watching movie, projector screen, living room decor, interior design

View from the coffee table towards the projector screen


Pink And Wood Apartment

Pale pink convertible sofa cum bed- ideal spot for watching movies

The small-sized kitchen spanning across the coffee table is as simple and basic as it can be. Open and closed cabinets are spread around the grey countertop adorning metallic backsplash.

Pink And Wood Apartment, Dining space, Man sitting for dinner, Hanging lamp

Dining table overlooking the kitchen

From the Architects – 

In the studio apartment Pink and Wood Apartment, we removed absolutely all partitions so that space became the main dominant. In addition to this, an attempt to find Belarusian features in the interior has formed a simple and concise design.

Pink And Wood Apartment, apartment floor plan, small house, interior design, CAD drawing

Floor plan of the apartment


Pink And Wood Apartment

Close view of the reading nook near the window


Pink And Wood Apartment, Kitchen, dining table

A small dining table with odd color chairs besides the kitchen

Asceticism in detail helps to focus on the shape of the furniture, its material and functionality. It’s important to understand the space, the sensation of touching the materials and fabrics, the definition of the exact function of each object that is in the apartment.

Kitchen, dining room, small apartment

No-clutter kitchen space


Wardrobe, apartment living, living room, man opening wardrobe

Storage cum wardrobe space

All materials are environmentally friendly and natural, this increases the value of the pledged decisions and makes the space more organic.

sliding doors, bathroom, small space, decor

The bath space behind the translucent sliding doors

shower, bathroom, pale pink color

View of the shower space finished in pale pink walls and grey flooring

Project details –


Project Name – Pink And Wood Apartment

Location – Minsk, Belarus

Architect Firm ZROBYM architects

Lead designers –  Alexey Korablev

Project type – ResidenceMicro home, Apartment

Photography  – © Alexandra Kononchenko

Client Name – Alexey Korablev

Completion Year – 2018

Built up Area – 46 sq. m.

MaterialsWood, Plywood | Fabrics – Mat, Flax

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