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Facing a mall plaza in Shenzhen city, Seesaw coffee shop by Nota Architects is another addition to their portfolio of designing Seesaw coffee outlets.

Irrespective of the location, coffee brands not only strive to keep up with their signature brew but also distinctive design of their cafes. Keeping in line with the philosophy of Seesaw Coffee of processing fine coffee, freshly baked goods, manual brewing methods and customer friendly store design, Nota Architects designed the Shenzhen outlet for Seesaw coffee shop. The coziness and warmth brought in by coffee shops invite one to the space that smells like coffee and chocolate.

3D view of the coffee shop


Interior floor layout

From the Architects –

This is a deep long U-shape shop front with single exposure to light, facing the mall plaza. All kinds of coffee making functions are aligned along a 10m bar, penetrated into the central part of the space, inviting and directing activities circulate through every corner of the space. It is conceived as an outdoor pedestrian street with leisure lives.


The street is lit by a “Skylight”, projecting a light-and-shadow ground effect by two types of terrazzo paving. Everything gathers around the central stall. The Roastery Factory stands as an independent booth, connected by a Street Corner Garden, the street shop front serves as cashier and products display, a sheltered seating area recalls Street Cafe, while the actual street cafe extends to the shop entry, exposed to the actual sunlight coming from the east.

Order counter

Planting –

A rich selection of plants blends into seating areas, amongst the Park Benches. The varied volumes and level heights, along with the materiality are the reminiscent of the hilly landscape of Shenzhen and its super green nature.

Plants along seating



Roastery area –

Underneath the light structure metal roof is originally designed as the Roastery Factory, the production house of coffee beans. With three sides open to the customer, it not only provides daily roasting scenario but also attracts all bean-related events such as tutoring, cupping, or tasting.

Along the entrance area


Entry from mall plaza

It becomes a pop-up store and exhibition space later on without losing its social functionality.  The central coffee bar is divided into espresso, filter and training sections, and as each section faces the other, the interactions therefore, become no longer singular.

Seesaw Coffee Shenzhen

View of cafe from terraced garden

Section of Seesaw Coffee

Section – Coffee shop

The space is full of “seeing” and “seen”, a panorama view is available even when working in the back kitchen. Yet each seating is carefully studied to be ensure comfort and privacy.

Seesaw Coffee Shenzhen

 Internal Kitchen at the end


Seesaw Coffee Shenzhen

Simple elegant wooden tables


Seesaw Coffee Shenzhen

Cafe sitting area

Project details –

Project Name – Seesaw Coffee Shenzhen MIXC

Architect FirmNota Architects

Lead Architect – Shiyun Qian

Project Location – Shen-Nan Avenue 9668, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Project TypeRetail design, Cafe, Coffee shop

Client – Seesaw Coffee

Completion year – 2017

Area – 243 sq. mt.

Construction – ChenYi Construction Wang LiangXing team

Photography Credit – ©Nota Architects

Consultants –

Lighting Consultant – David Wei

Greenery Consultant –  TT Flowers

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