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Set in industrial finish, Simple restaurant designed by Belarus based ZROBYM Architects is a cosy space filled with views, plants and European food made from local Belarusian products.

Located along the Lenina street in Minsk, the existing building is adorned by high ceilings with large arched windows with brick facade. Considering these factors, ZROBYM Architects adopted these features to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Wood, plants, copper and customized lamps come together to set a welcoming tone to food lovers.

Low height planter partition clad in wood and copper

The main entrance welcomes visitors to four tables which have a tranquil setting. There is a separate dining area for large groups. The space finished painted in grey color tones have minimal decoration which leads one to have a deep conversation with your food. A large ceiling hung rectangular lamp matching to the size of the dining table is the highlight of the large dining space.

© Interior layout – Simple restaurant 


Seating area for large groups

Beyond this, one step’s into a large space wherein the space is lit up by large arched windows which bring in natural light and views. The window side has two rows of seating arranged in between the columns and large planters. The bar area is separated from the dining space by a wooden partition etched with vertical and diagonal lines.

Bar area

From the Architects –

We started to develop this project ‘Simple’ restaurant exactly one year ago. Initially, we fell in love with space: large arched windows, lots of air and viewable areas. We wanted to give more soul, sophistication and attractiveness to the project, so we used specially designed lamps with climbing plants, made-to-order tables from different types of wood, sofas with a lot of pillows, copper frames, which eventually grow green.

Large windows with views


Designer lamps, Climber plants, copper framing


Simple, cosy seating alongside the windows

In addition to this, a large number of plants and wood were used. The combination of these materials creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. As a result, we have a minimalist interior, corresponding to the philosophy of the restaurant’s cuisine.

Simple restaurant, Minsk, Belarus

Minimalist interiors

Combination of wood, copper, stone and plants


Simple restaurant, Hospitality, Restaurant interiors

Entrance area – Neon sign art on walls


Washroom close to entrance seating

Project Details – 

Project Name – Simple restaurant

Architect Firm – ZROBYM Architects |

Lead Architect – Аndrus Bezdar, Lizaveta Iotka

Project Location – Lenina Street, 50, Minsk, Belarus

Project Type – Restaurant, Hospitality design

Client – Vlad Lunevich

Completion year – 2017

Area – 362 sq. mt.

Photography Credit – © Lizaveta Iotka

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