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| 13 : 30 – 19 January 2018 |



Located in Sorocaba – a city in southeastern Brazil, the house designed by Sao Paulo based Estudio BRA Arquitetura seems to float on its ground base.

Completed in 2013, this single family house looks like two interconnected boxes placed one above other. The upper volume of the house overhangs to provide shade to the ground floor thus creating a floating effect. Architects André Di Gregório and  Rodrigo Maçonilio who head the award winning design studio have played with volumes, texture and colors in the Sorocaba House.


Entrance to the house

From the designer –

(Text by Henrique Menezes)

Located in a residential neighborhood in Sorocaba City, 80km from Sao Paulo, Brazil, the horizon has been marked by the shape of this contemporary house.

Composed of two overlapping volumes, the house derives from the intention to release the largest possible area for living spaces and provide fluidity between the spaces. The upper volume was designed bigger than the lower one, because of that half of the house seems to float on the ground and provides shadow and a relaxing space on the yard.


Floor plans and Sections


With the intention of ensuring influx of natural lighting and ventilation, the project has large openings on the facades and coverage, and that also contribute to the composition of its main facades. Downstairs, the living room can be completely opened to the garden by sliding glass panels, creating an extension of your home to the outside and making their environments mingle, inviting the plants and flowers to get into the living room.


©Lauro Rocha


Living and dining area

To ensure the privacy of intimate settings on the upper floor the openings are protected by wooden shutters painted in white, beyond the glass on the inner face.

Minimal, clean interior decor and space

Materials – 

The architects prioritized the spatial richness. About the materiality, internal walls received painting and external walls are covered by a mineral texture, both white. The internal floor is white granilite and the external a mixed of grey and white cement. That variation of textures with similar colors creates a special feeling when you are walking through the spaces.


Sectional view of the house

The horizontal and vertical circulations receive natural lighting by opening on the ceiling, turning these spaces into a small gallery exhibition of paintings and everyday life’s objects. These aspects gave the house a plastic result of contemporary identity.

Green backyard


Living space opens to the exteriors

Built on a plot measuring 7 by 22 meters, the structure was designed in order to release the maximum space on the ground floor, the movement of the volumes resulted in an girder reinforced concrete beam that runs throughout the swing side of the house measuring 14 meters.

Sorocaba House

An evening view of the building exteriors

Project details : –

Project Name – Sorocaba House

Location – Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Architect Firm – Estúdio BRA Arquitetura

Lead Architect – André Di Gregório, Rodrigo Maçonilio

Design Team –  Beatriz Rocha, Henrique Menezes

Project type – Residential design

Client Name – André Sano and Bruna Valverde

Completion Year – 2013

Built Up Area – 127 sq. mt.

Photography Credits – ©Pedro Kok, ©Lauro Rocha

Products – Concrete, Wood, Granilite flooring


Sorocaba House

Front facade


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