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| 14 : 30 – 5 November 2017 |


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J.R. Architects from Tainan city have added a striking cafe – ‘The triangular sky’ built up from 3 shipping containers.

Recycling material in architecture has seen a steady rise in the recent years. Recently we have been seeing best architecture and design projects using shipping containers. So when J.R. architects got a cafe project they made sure that ‘the triangular sky’ stood out bright and high on the intersection plot.


aerial view, aerial photo, triangular sky cafe,

Interior ‘triangular’ courtyard

From the architect –  

‘The project is located in a corner of an intersection next to a park of the residential area in Tainan City. The program is set to be a cafe for the local community. Aside from the dine-in service, this cafe also provides a unique scooter drive-through service around its exterior space to accommodate the large scooter-commuting consumers in Taiwan, so that they can directly order and take out without parking’


triangular sky cafe, cafe, Taiwan, J.R. Architects

Easy drive-in service counter of the cafe

The project composed of three twenty-foot-long containers, is arranged together to form a triangular loop  with a central courtyard.

The coffee counter at the entrance


Interior spaces

The internal spaces has a coffee service counter which serves drive-in orders too. Apart from it, the cafe has office, kitchenette, a dining space at the end of the window counters. The office faces the main road. Located at the end of the third container is a toilet block and water storage room.


Ground floor plan

‘The design team not only retained the original texture and materiality of the industrial containers, but also established the relationship and interface between the architectural intervention and urban environment with large windows, expanded meshes, and semi-translucent polycarbonate board material’

Large windows, mesh and polycarbonate sheets along the front facade

‘The containers then resemble as boxes that provoke elegant lifestyle, and represent tranquility in the city as giant white LEGO blocks’.

Aerial view – The cafe seem like a group of LEGO boxes

Budget – 

‘In order to control the budget, the design team considered both the interior and exterior holistically with materiality. For example, the white steel sheet was folded as a continuous bar table to reduce the sense of oppression inside the container, so that the furniture is like a floating paper within the limited space’

White sheets folded along to form table

Furthermore, the perimeter of the cafe and drive-through path had been re-established by gravel material. These gravels had been heaped and shaped into curved and undulated pattern as the landscape concept that spreads and merges into the triangular courtyard.

triangular courtyard, cafe,sky view,

Triangular interior courtyard

People who visit this space get to relax and enjoy the scenery where a tree is planted. Meanwhile, the triangular blue sky framed by the containers allows the visitors to temporarily escape from the city`s hustle and bustle’

triangular sky cafe, courtyard, girl drinking coffee

A quiet escape from the hustle


Wide windows give the space a light and airy look


triangular sky cafe, evening view, cafe, Tainan square

The triangular sky cafe in the evening

The laid back setup and comfy simple furniture is a treat for coffee lovers. The space and layout of the cafe has indeed lent an ever inviting atmosphere.

Project details –


Project Name – The triangular sky

Architect firmJ. R. Architects

Lead Architect – Cho-Jen, Huang

Project Team – Tzu-Yin, Yang ; Ying-Chang, Chiu

Location – Tainan, Taiwan

Project TypeCafe, Retail design

Client – ARA Cafe

Completion year – 2017

Built up area – 60 m2

Photographs – Yu-Chen, Tsao ; Megan Yu

Products used –

Polycarbonate board LYON

Insulation paint – FSD

Aluminium windows – Chyun-Sheng


Scroll for more site photographs –

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