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About Design World’s top 12 houses of 2018

| 19 : 00 – 30 December 2018 |


In our yearly review, our editor picks up ‘top 12 houses’ featured on About Design World.

While the ‘floating’ house in Sorocaba city in Brazil and the picturesque semi-circular wooden ‘Rode house’ in Chile were bold in their building form. The striking ‘red’ house in an arid plot of Portugal and Port Melbourne house in white played with colors. Read more about the amazing ‘top 12 houses’ in the detail list below –


12. Sorocaba House | Estudio BRA Arquitetura

Photo – © Pedro Kok

Located in a residential neighborhood in Sorocaba City, 80km from Sao Paulo, Brazil, the horizon has been marked by the shape of this contemporary house. Composed of two overlapping volumes, the house derives from the intention to release the largest possible area for living spaces and provide fluidity between the spaces.

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11. Kiah House by Austin Maynard Architects

Photo – © Tess Kelly

Kiah House is an addition to a weatherboard cottage in North Fitzroy, Melbourne. The extension comprises two separate pieces of architecture, the master bedroom ‘haven’ – which sits beside the original house extending to the northern boundary, and the separate office poised above. The original Victorian-era house, built in 1927, has been respectfully restored and updated with a new kitchen and bathroom.

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10. Valley House by Architect David Guerra

Photo – © Jomar Bragança

The Valley House – home to four persons is a modern era home finely curated by Brazil based Architect David Guerra with vast spaces for the family to entertain guests and friends. Having panoramic views of the outer landscape, the centrally located winter garden, veranda’s and kitchen form focal point of the home.

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09. Rode house by Pezo Von Ellrichshausen

Photo – © Pezo von Ellrichshausen

Made entirely from local timber and clad in wooden shingles, the construction details took inspiration from the traditional art of local carpentry. The geometry of the Rode House seems to follow specifics of the contoured site. Expansive spaces, high ceiling and large oversized rectangular windows designed by Architects Pezo Von Ellrichshausen, the Rode house has a striking presence.

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08. A reorganized ‘home of pets’ by HDD Group

Photo – © Yijie Hu

The overall building space is like an animal’s soft body curve, organizing space through different levels of arcs. The paths of these arcs combine with the direction of the beams of the original building, ensuring the integrity and safety of all building structures. At the same time arcs and arches also pay tribute to the classic works of Corbusier.

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07. Gré Square House by Suzuki Architects

Photo – © Kenta Hasegawa

This combined home and business sits on the skirts of Nihondaira, a hilly area just outside central Shizuoka City. The neighborhood is a mixture of large old farmhouses, tea fields, and new housing developments, with small shops nestled into the laid-back surroundings.The streets curve slightly as they climb gently toward the hills, as if they were built on top of the old paths between fields. They lead, too, to openings where Mt. Fuji suddenly comes into view. It is in just such a spot that this house is located.

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06. Family house Jarovce by Compass Architekti

Photo – © BoysPlayNice photography

Located at the northern edge of the village, the house was built to accommodate multiple generation family members at once. The ‘L’ shaped built form covering the plot, has a strikingly expansive flat concrete roof covering all the spaces below. The cantilevered roof covering the front spaces of the home regulates sunlight as well as creates an outdoor dining area at its radial center. The interiors have a clean white color scheme and oak wood furniture and is laced by exterior glass facade.

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05. Multifunctional, smart – Muzha micro home

Photo – © Hey!Cheese

The Muzha Micro Flat creatively uses space and design to create something functional and beautiful. Designed by Phoebe Wen and Shihhwa Hung, this 33 sq. mts of compact space is equipped with amenities of an apartment double its size. The micro apartment is an amazing example of effective use of space is Taiwan city. As apartments grow smaller, the architects looked upon this micro flat to make the most of the space available. The guest house prototype focused on smart design and in doing so, manages to work with the minimal space available.

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04. AgriNesture shapes home, promotes agriculture

Photo – © Nguyen TienThanh

Taking into consideration population growth and climate change effect on Vietnamese people, the architect’s designed a home and agricultural destination. Consisting of two main parts ; Frame and Cover – AgriNesture by H&P Architects, is a dwelling which aims to resolve the conflicting issues of rapid urbanization in cities. The expandable and modular nature of structure is designed to act as multifunctional space for all.

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03. Port Melbourne house by Winter Architecture

Port Melbourne House, Exterior facade, Residential architecture, Winter Architecture

Photo – © Nicole England

This extension to an existing Victorian home in Port Melbourne was primarily driven by the client’s desire for light filled living & ample working spaces. It resulted in as connection to the outdoors; whilst also accommodating an elderly family member to comfortably age in place. Program and form are divided into three volumes, delineated by carefully inserted external courtyards.

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02. Black rock house seems like boulder in mountains

Photo – © Tomasz Zakrzewski

Inspired by surrounding topography, Black rock house is an outstanding architectural expression exempt of the regular building forms. The main idea was to create something different and original. Not just a single-family house, but an abstract form. We wanted to create a building that refers to the mountainous area, a house that seems to be a result of tectonics and not design processes. This thought was the starting point of the project and the frame that kept the space composition in check.

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01. This red colored dwelling acts as geodesic marker

House 3000, Portugal, Red, rec olor house, Aerial photography

Photo – © Tiago Rebelo de Andrade

A striking red colored remote dwelling designed by RA architecture & design studio occupies an arid plot in Portugal’s Herdade da Considerada. The location of the house and farm building is characterized by lush landscape dotted by cork, oak and pine trees. Dubbed as ‘House 3000’ or ‘The Red House’, Architect Luis Rebelo de Andrade choose its architecture to stand out amongst its surrounding.

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